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RIP life as we know it.

I feel maybe i should of said that at the end of 1999.

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I really really would like this! I’m not a big fan or what others would deem alternative, but i love things with fringes on and eyes!

— 1 year ago
beautifulmadhouse: Why I Deserve a Parade on Mother's Day? →


1. I’ve been covered in poop, pee, and puke so many times that I put GG Allen to shame.

2. I have never once hit any of my children out of anger. Lord knows there are times that I fantasized about slapping their snotty little faces.

3. I have two sets of twins, a singleton, and a teenage…

This is a feel good text for all moma’s out there!

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this a brilliant version. and Calamity cubes are just constant repeat recently. Big love to the big man,stunning voice.

— 1 year ago
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